First TESTFEST for 'talking traffic' hosted in the Netherlands

The first InterCor ITS-G5 TESTFEST was held from 3-6 July 2017. Participants tested the basic functions of ITS-G5 supporting 'talking traffic'. It went smoothly, with perfect conditions for outside testing, good technical discussions and, most important of all, many test-drives providing useful data

The first InterCor ITS-G5 TESTFEST kicked off on Monday, July 3rd, bringing together more than 15 international market players, including many companies from the automotive industry, to test a number of scenarios for 'talking traffic'. The second day started with 17 teams: 14 from across Europe and three from the Netherlands. The first TESTFEST was hosted by the Netherlands.

At the Rijkswaterstaat test site in Dordrecht, participants tested the basic functions of ITS-G5. In the nearby Drechttunnel they tested what influence an intermittent GPS signal has on the services.

Around 70 international guests joined TESTFEST, and they were given a substantive program along with hands-on experience of the ITS-G5 communication technology, allowing for them to see how this technology works on the road.

Speakers from all over the world, from private as well as public parties, gave their vision on ITS-G5 and Cooperative ITS Services during a workshops. It was a particularly topically issue because Volkswagen, and other industry players, recently announced their intentions to focus their efforts on ITS-G5 / Cooperative Services from 2019 on.

There was also a demonstration of the Road Works Warning service as we took our guests for test drives passing road works on the A16. We also made various so called “virtual test scenarios” available, simulating realistic disruptive scenarios on the road.

Meanwhile, testing resumed on the A16.

A number of parties used this final test day to further test some details, especially the presented tunnel scenario which concentrated on the loss of the GPS signal in a winding tunnel such as the Drechttunnel, a significant challenge.

An incredible amount of data has been collected this week by participating road authorities as well as industry players. We will be evaluating this data and using it to refine the specifications of the system and the initial services. The TESTFEST was an informative experience on all levels. The exchange of knowledge between road authorities and industry players, and mutually between market parties, was perceived as very positive. Also the opportunity to test during live road works on the busy A16 with challenging road sections was highly appreciated. Various participants have asked if a follow-up would be possible.

The fact that the development of the technology has reached the next stage was demonstrated by the sudden interest of software companies in the TESTFEST and the presence of many international road authorities and suppliers of the automotive industry. What was most apparent from the TESTFEST was the fact that we are now all on the same page, which means that after this TESTFEST we can work together towards a large-scale roll-out of ITS-G5 services across Europe.

This article is deducted from an article from InterCor. Read more on the website of InterCor

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